Sunday, September 15, 2013


Round 1 of SL’s Got Talent was electrifying!  Seventeen contestants were scheduled to perform to show off their stuff.  Out of those participants, 13 moved on to Round 2.  The Judges collaborated during the event to select the Round 2 contestants and the audience also provided input regarding their favorite contestants.   This is all part of the excitement!   At the end of the day, the Judges made the decision as we publicized initially.  The contestants receiving the highest popular votes are as follows:

·         The Balladeer  - 213 popular votes
·         Ricardo (rickylivemusic) =138 popular votes
·         Debra Messinez = 75 popular votes

The judges decided to move the following contestants to Round 2:

1.       Balladeer Christensen
2.       Debra Messinez
3.       Dennis D ( djdevo)
4.       Jenna Odisark
5.       JLively (ohhbehave)
6.       KokoIncognito
7.       MasterSam Tigerfish (Sam soundfull)
8.       Mimi singer Hadisson (mickey hadisson)
9.       MrScorpio1117 Aeon
10.   Ricardo (rickylivemusic)
11.   Rose flux (Scorpianrose)
12.   Tasty Baxton Swords (tasty Baxton)
13.   Yves Welles

To view their performances, click on the MEDIA/PRESS tab on this web site.

ROUND 2 of SL’s GOT TALENT CONTEST will be held on Tuesday, September 17, 2013 @ 7 PM SLT. Plan to be there!  Here is your limo:

If you cannot make it, listen in on the stream:

Thank you! 

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