SL’s GOT TALENT (SLGT) Contest was created and produced by Jackie Lefko, the owner of the HARLEM SPEAKEASY located on the Wynchester Hope City sim.  After debuting several new SL performers at her venue, Jackie’s brain started churning and Voila – the birth of SLGT.  She felt a contest would be a great opportunity for those looking for a unique opportunity to not only showcase their talent but to also engage in a personal challenge.

Not only is Jackie Lefko a very sophisticated business woman, she knows her way around a few live performance stages in SL as very sought after Jazz, Blues & Soul vocalist. As a native New Yorker, Jackie started singing at a young age in her church in Brooklyn. Jackie evolved into a superb Jazz and Blues singer. RL experience includes sharing the stage with Concord Records Jazz recording artist Karrin Allyson in Chicago and performing in various unique venues throughout the United States and on the African continent. Now, Jackie brings her sultry vocal stylings to Second Life.

But, do not take our word for it, there has been plenty said already:

VMS Article: Jackie Lefko, A Woman with Jazz

SL Enquirer Article:  Second Life's Well Known Jazz & Blues Singer, Jackie Lefko

Jackie Lefko Official Web Site

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