Angela Love (ajlovejones) has been a resident of second Life for 1 year and 5 months. "I am the Manager and Host for Wynchester Hope City and the Manager of the popular Jazz and blues club, Harlem Speakeasy. I am also a proud member of Delta Theta Nu Sorority. I love good friends, shopping, good music especially jazz, poetry and art."

BlueAngel WinterWolf has spent her 3+ years in SL  promoting live performers on SL. "In the beginning  as a manager of performers then as Manager of the Purelife Lodge and now as Co-owner my partner and I are always looking for creative ways to not only showcase the amazing talent in sl but give upcoming performers a place to share the talent they so much enjoy."

Helena Ariantho was the the 2008 winner of the Second Life Idol Contest.  She made a return visit to SL at the HARLEM SPEAKEASY after 3 years of missing hearing her amazing voice in world. Simply beautiful voice! Hoping she'll continue to grace us!!

Artist Indea VaheR created the Sunrise Mansion Gallery, Museum & Performing Arts venue  as a vehicle to display her artwork and share the history of the people it represents.  Indea’s paintings focus on two areas of African American history and culture, the Gullah Culture of the Sea Islands and the Black Creole culture of the Cane and Red River valleys.

Both of these highly recognized regions impact the style, technique, and subject matter that distinguish her pieces.  While the Gullah culture of SC, & GA is unique in its pure preservation of culture through undisturbed African lineages, the Creole culture is a celebration of the blending of French, African, Spanish and Native American cultures.  Paradoxically, Vaher is able to capture significant components of each culture within her creations. 

A veteran within Second Life since 2007, Jae McCoy (NotoriousJae) has seen it all and kept the T-shirts. An aspiring song writer and producer in real life, Jae's life has revolved primarily around music. His passion for music has led him to a SL-career as a freelance DJ and has thrust him deep into the club scene. In the wake of a need for a change, Jae has teamed up with a business partner to found Sunita Lounge, an upscale adult lounge striving to provide its guests with great music and great people with a grown and sexy vibe.

Linda Sautereau has been a resident of SL since Mar 2007; former SL Mentor; involved in SL Birthday Celebrations since SL7B - last two years as Stage Lead on the Cake Stage; RL university professor - researches and teaches using virtual worlds, especially SL; member of many education groups (e.g., VWER, Real Life Education in SL, Metanomics Event Partner, VWBPE); editor of the Journal of Virtual Studies; faculty of Rockville University.  Still writing that book...smiles.

Owner of The 50 Grand Lounge, the only venue in SL that is exclusively focused on Motown and Classic Soul music.  The 50 Grand Lounge is part of a complex on the Detroit City Sim that includes a reproduction of Hitsville USA's Studio A and the Motown Museum.  Have been in the club business since Feb 2008.

Stone Vayandar is a No Nonsense Man ( with a Capital " M "  he will be quick to tell you ) with a passion for discovering and promoting Live Music and Musicians . As Owner of White Tigers Islands Clubs and Resorts he has been doing just that for the past 4 1/2  years . His Motto concerning the entertainment that he books at White Tigers Islands  is " Only The Best " and his calendar of paid scheduled entertainers certainly backs that up. It is an honor to be chosen to perform at White Tigers Islands Clubs and Resorts.

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There are two components to the contest judging process as follows:
  • PANEL OF JUDGES will select SL's Got Talent contest winners as you saw them during the Open Mic.  The panel of judges will consider the audience voting results but will make the  final decision on who will advance to the next round during the contest.  
  • AUDIENCE VOTING. The audience will be able to cast a vote for their favorite contestant for ROUNDS 1 & 2 ONLY..  A voting board displaying each contestant's picture and the voting results for each person throughout the round will serve as the official voting station. Votes will be counted immediately and the voting board will be reset at the end of each round. 
(Please note talent managers or agents are not allowed to be judges to ensure that the contest is fair to all performers.)

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