Known as The Balladeer, he is regarded as THE MOST electrifying man in SL showbiz! Facebook: Balladeer Christensen.  Visit Web Site.  Check out his Calendar.

CoconutJesus plays an eclectic mix of alternative country and folk rock music. Some of his biggest influences include Ryan Adams (not Bryan), Wilco, Hank Williams Sr. and Neil Young. He knows a ton of cover songs, but also writes his own. In the summer of 2013 he opened a real life life show for Shooter Jennings, son of legendary country singer Waylon Jennings. He plays guitar, harmonica and banjo. Probably his greatest talent is his voice. He also performs on occasion in a salvation army band.  He plays Acoustic guitar, Harmonica and Banjo.

Debra has been singing since the age of 3. She has  performed blues, jazz, r&B, pop, gospel, opera and even a little country over the years. She has also performed in talent contests, concerts, television, live radio, weddings and funerals on my own and with the choir. She is a real life soloist for one of the top Choirs in my country. This choir has traveled between Canada and the US.  It has given her the experience to charm audiences both young and old alike.  She made news in Washington DC for a solo performance with a choir during a choir for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Some of Debra's solos appear on CD's recorded by the Choirs she sings with  and solo spots on the TV series. Debra loves to sing and her appearance as SL's Got Talent contestant is her debut as an SL Live Performer.


Dennis has a strong passion for music and has been serenading listeners vocally for over 10 years (more if you count his years in a Choir & Dance group). He has strong and clear vocals & love to perform! His musical influences include Elton John, Michael BublĂ© & Billy Joel, among others.  Facebook: Dennis Deveaux

Jenna has been singing all of her real life.  She performs live in Second Life when the spirit hits her.  Facebook:  Jenna Odisark

JLively is 24 years old and from South Carolina.She has appeared on American Idol and ranked top 10 nationally for singing Italian Opera. Singing is the only thing in life JLively loves to do, and that shows when she sing. She sings everything from my heart.

A child of the 60s, KoKo was raised on classic country, but much prefers rock music and the powerful ballads of the era's strongest female singers.  A natural born singer KoKo is bringing her talents to SL where she does sets mixing up the music. Whether classic country, rock, ballads or oldies, KoKo masters them with dulcet tones that have been developed through decades of performance as a soloist, choir member and traveling singer.

Also known as Sam Soundfull, Master Sam isn't a stranger to struggle and perseverance. Raised in a broken home, he has known physical abuse & poverty, and although he lived in a drug infested community, music became a literal saving grace as church and school provided an outlet for Master Sam to rise above his environment and grow.  He has won solo and assemblies in high school for both singing and instruments. Master Sam is a title derived from his RL Martial Arts Master status.  teaching martial arts to children and adults, he often works with local government and law enforcement. However, Master Sam continuing to devote time to music to being a long time vocalist, he also plays the trombone, piano and guitar.  He enjoys love songs and  performing pop music because it gets the heart pumping and feet tapping.  After serving the public, Master Sam enjoys singing on SL. It helps him relax and find his center. He believes it helps people find happiness. From personal experience, he know the value of a smile.

♪ ♫ ♩ Mimi Singer is  an up and coming Pop Singer on SL. She has only been singing on SL for 1 month but has been getting rave reviews from The places shes performed on SL. She hopes to become the next SL Pop Star. She  making her first debut Performance  at the  Dope Awards Party and will be Performing Dope Awards the 25th of November. Singing is Mimi's passion and the more supporters, the more you will make Her dream come true, because she sings for you :). ♬ ♭   Facebook: Mimi Singer Hadisson

Molly is an SL live singer. In RL, she sings for the Mayors events, city events, and for an advertisement agency doing commercials for radio and TV.  She has been to several places and recorded the flip sides to Karaoke CD's for Soundchoice, Star, Chartbusters, DKG, Monster Hits, All Hits, Sunfly, and Sweet Georgia Brown. Molly has also been on stage with Martina McBride and sang a few with her. Her goal is to make your heart and soul feel and absorb what comes out of my mouth.  Music is a language of it's own and can take your mind, heart and soul to many different places, and feelings. Molly loves all kinds of music as long as there is a sweet story to be told in it.  She loves to sing country, pop rock, 80's 90's and current.  Anything but Rap *grins*.    Molly's Music.   Molly's Calendar


As a singer, MrScorpio1117 Aeon introduces his audience to some of the true classic standards in Jazz. He also covers R&B and POP tunes MrScorpio's musical influences include Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Joe Williams, Arthur Prysock, Kem, Will Downing, Stevie Wonder, just to name a few.


In RL, Neo’s first open-mic experience, he hosted at a coffee shop called ‘Mondo’s located in the heart of Federal Hill in Providence, Rhode Island. He played there for 1 1/2 years. Neo’s next open-mic experience, he hosted at the Custom House Tavern for 3 years in downtown of Providence, one of the oldest pubs in the area. After a few years, Neo moved to Holliston Massachusetts where he went to Mickey Cassidy’s Pub regularly for open-mic performances. So altogether Neo has had 25 yrs of playing experience.

Also known as RickyLiveMusic, Ricardo is a professional singer, producer and songwriter. Pianist and guitar player.

Rose Flux (Scorpianrose) has been singing from a very young age.  Music has always been her passion. She grew up listening to all genres my Mom exposed my ears to.  Her Mom also plays guitar so they would have singing sessions regularly.  In High School Rose took 3 years of chorus, making all county honors.  As an adult, the passion of music still flows through her and she loves being able to share my talent with those that will listen. :)  "If the eyes are the windows to our soul, then music is the way our soul is heard." 


Singingit2ya (Mark) is both a Singer and lover of music since he can remember.  He enjoys doing his best to watch others enjoy bringing back memories of the tunes I remember growing up with.  You can find him on Facebook, Youtube, Singsnap and Paltalk.  Facebook: Mark SchraUb


Tasty first made her debut in a trio of singing Divas going by the name of Ladies of Distinction. She has also sung on Paltalk, the internet launching area for many of SL's premier talents.. These days you can find her jamming at Emerald City, spinning her music every Wednesday evening. Tasty's favorite genres are R&B & Pop.

Yves graduated The Music Academy as a Pianist, Guitarist and a Composer. Streaming live from Belgium music is his #1 passion. Yves is a master in Cross Genre. He plays it all from rock to ballads and everything in between, but he's an ace when it comes to love songs. That's the music where he really can put his heart in... and it shows ! He has his song list readily available to all at his shows with over 180 songs from different genre and era. This is one artist that you can bet your money on it who is NOT playing recording at his shows!  Yves has played in several bands including Karrad, Grensgeval and RockRose. The last one played several tours on second life like "Primotion tour", "Rock your Socks", "RockRose 2nd Live tour", "5 in a row", "6 me up" and "the 7th sense". Yves music is now available on iTunes and can be heard on Jango Airplay the best internet radio. His repertoire exists out of originals and covers.  Visit his Web Site.  Listen to his Music.

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